Welcome to our FAQs section, where we address all your queries about our versatile camper vans.

1. How does the van prevent dampness and mould from being produced after sliding the extended area back into the vehicle after it has been out in the rain?

The exterior has brush seals that wipe away excess water as the pod slides in. We recommend sliding the pod out fully and wiping it down at the first dry chance. Although not shown in this video, production vehicles will include a retractable cover to keep the top of the pod dry.

2. When extended, how is the vehicle supported at the back without the need for supporting legs?

The sliding mechanism can carry a load of 600kg when moving in and out. Their capacity is much higher when in a static position. The sliders are mounted on a specially designed stainless steel tray and secured to the vehicle with high-tensile fixings.

3. How does the insulation perform in low temperatures? (especially in the bed cabin)

The pod material is a 32 mm insulated panel, using the same construction method as a coach-built motorhome. Along with the onboard heating system and highly insulated panel van, this should be suitable for most applications, whether in hot or cold conditions.

4. How long are lead times on the van?

As of June 2024, the current lead time is approximately 6 months.

5. What is the price range of the van?

As of June 2024, a conversion alone costs circa £60,000 ex VAT based on a free-issued suitable panel van. Supplying a new vehicle would be circa £95,000 ex VAT. These prices depend on the final specifications.

6. What is the total weight of the vehicle? What weight does the conversion add to the original vehicle’s weight?

The sliding pod design replaces the heavy OEM rear doors, this increases the base vehicle weight by only 60kg. The overall kerb weight of the vehicle is 3500kg, and it can be increased to 3850kg upon request. A MAXI version of the vehicle is also available at 4500kg GVW.

7. Is it built in the UK using British engineering?

Yes, it is designed and built in the UK by our artisan craftsmen.

8. Can you attach an awning to the van?

Yes, an awning can be fitted to the vehicle upon request.

9. What countries are the vehicles available in?

We are currently available only in the UK, but we are actively seeking suitable partners in other territories.

10. Is the vehicle available without decals?

The vehicle is available without AddVenture livery, but it must have some degree of livery to be classified as a motorhome.

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